This Year's Stationery

Since I discovered Etsy early last year I have been a fastidious supporter of the venture: think eBay with a homemade bent. On Etsy anyone can set up a 'shop' to sell their crafts and handmade goods, from knitted scarfs and handmade clothing to stationery and journals. Whatever crafty item you're looking for, you'll find it on Etsy.

I ordered my holiday stationery from a seller on Etsy (byvikINK) that I have been very pleased with in the past. She specializes in one-of-a-kind letterpress designs, which I absolutely love. I ordered these packages of holiday stationery last week and received them today. Each package contains a set of six cards with coloured envelopes. If you'd like to forego the usual cards this year, I urge you to explore Etsy.

I love the Scandanavian-folk designs of my cards this year, and the detail of the imagery. They're elegant without being ostentatious or gaudy and they still have that element of whimsy and fun that the holidays are all about. I hope you like them. At least a few of you readers will be receiving one in the mail...but which one? You'll have to wait.


Kenn said...

The cards are BEAUTIFUL! I love the designs.. perfect choices!

Pru said...

Oh Andrew, the cards are lovely. I too had thought about using Etsy but found some charity cards that I used instead (all written and stamped - I'm very organised this year). Would love to receive one of those cards though. Etsy is so wonderful to shop on.