It was through my friend Kenn that I discovered a new feature in the "Shop" section of Marthastewart.com. It's a section devoted to 'Marthawear' - everything the Martha fan needs to show a hint of Marthaness. It includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, aprons, various tote bags and an umbrella. Below are three of my favourites. Orders are filled by Amazon.com but are not eligible for shipping outside the U.S.
Okay, so it's just a brown t-shirt with a few words written on it. But, oh such iconic words!

I've got to get one of these totes. It has the large "Martha" logo from the television show wrapping around the sides. It looks sturdy and is made of thick, heavy canvas. Heavy duty!
What makes the umbrella attractive is the multi-coloured stripe detail under the top. Lovely!


Kenn said...

Andrew, it looks as though we'll still have the market on logo earings! I love the large tote too.. not sure what I'd ever use it for, but certainly a good Martha museum piece!

Pru said...

New York! Here I come! I plan on stocking up on Martha products whilst I am in New York, and the shop at the studio has a credit card assigned to it already! Not sure if I will walk around in a t-shirt saying 'its a good thing' but I will certainly be getting the bags, they are so sweet!


Pru, I hope you have a fantastic time! I know you'll love the experience!

Jane said...

Oh dear! I'm so sad. No postings outside the States?? I'm an Aussie.. I visited New York in January for the first time and by far the biggest highlight was being part of the audience at a Martha taping. So exciting! I would happily wear a t-shirt and tote my shopping in a Martha bag... sigh..:)

Gabriela said...


These are fabulous!

~ Gabriela ~