Burlap Indoors

The idea may seem a little outlandish, but using burlap in interior spaces has become one of the biggest fall trends for 2009. The heavy, organic material traditionally used to bundle root matter and protect delicate foliage from biting winds and frost lends a naturalistic and graphic element to interiors that cannot be easily matched.

Burlap comes in several weaves, from the very rough and heavy 7 oz. garden burlap (top) historically used outdoors, to the finely-woven bleached burlap (bottom.) Second from top is the coffee-been sack variety of burlap and second from bottom is Jute burlap. (Jute is one of the most inexpensive natural fibres on the market, and is exceedingly durable.)
Add a touch of the unexpected at your next gathering. If you're in the market for a small tree, why not show it off to guests in an unimagined space, like the entrance hall. Plant the tree shortly thereafter.
I love the look of this luxurious and highly-textured space. The homemade burlap headboard (old burlap sacks found at a yard sale and stitched across a frame) adds a graphic, masculine element to this rustic room.
Finely-woven Jute burlap upholsters these shapely chairs. When paired with the smoothness and softness of dark velvet cushions, the contrast brings a quiet but noticeable edge to the room that is still beautifully elegant. The bold elements of this room are echoed in the striped carpet and black decorative accents.
You'd never guess that these refined dining chairs were upholstered in burlap, but their earthy tone and subtle texture bring a tangible weight to the room, which is otherwise airy and open.


Anonymous said...

It looks like linen, and really what's difference? Especially if it has a fine weave.


It's way less expensive than linen and has a sort of "rough luxe" look that linen can't achieve.

Kathleen at Twig and Thistle said...

I love this trend and it's a great inexpensive way to decorate. One year I created a simple burlap runner for my table for a pumpkin carving party. It added a little decoration and I didn't have to worry about it getting ruined.

Love your pics too btw, feeling very inspired!

NicNacManiac said...

These are great...thanks for showing the different grades of burlap!!