Good Things for Pets

I've decided to name this week "Pet Week." I have no idea why, since I have no pets of any kind. I have, however, been extremely drawn to animals of late, especially big, rambunctious dogs, and thought I'd devote a week to pet themes. The first "chapter" is a compilation of adorable pet crafts from Martha Stewart Living over the years. See the gallery below.

I always had a pet growing up. There was Oliver and Stanley: two cats we adopted from a shelter when I was about 7 years old. There was Gracie, a third cat who joined the team. When I was older, we got Bailey - a big chocolate Lab - and adopted Reggie, a dozy Basette Hound, as a companion for him. I also had, rather shockingly, a pet piranha for three years. His name was Fred and he had a large, octogonal tank right beside my bed. He was a big fish and ate a profuse amount of goldfish, which were sold as "feeder fish" at the local pet store. (Creepy, I know. It was a phase.)
I'm sure that when I live in a less cramped and urban space, a big dog will join our family. Animals add fun, companionship and activity to daily life. You can find all the instructions for these projects, and more, at the Pets section of marthastewart.com.
Personalize your pet's collar with creative name tags. Always make sure to include your home phone number in case your pet decides to run away from home!
Why should babies get all the attention? Announce the newest addition to your family with a handmade card.
Take a pointalist's approach to labeling. Use transfer paper, a creative font and a fine-tipped paint applicator to "dot" the name of your pet onto the bowl to achieve a vintage, enamel look.Many vacationers take their dogs with them on their travels. To ensure your pooch's safety, create a temporary tag for his collar that includes the dates you are in town and the phone number and address where you are staying. I would also include the dog's name.Evening is the most popular time for dog walking. Make sure you and your companion are seen in the dusk by neatly applying stitching reflective fabric to your dog's collar and leash.
Martha's French Bulldogs, Sharkey (foreground) and Francesca look totally chic in their little coats. The coats are lightly padded for extra warmth and are water resistant for drizzly days. Get the how-to at marthastewart.com.
Give your cats exercise and fun with these handmade feather toys. Made of wool felt, they're simple to create. Adding a small bell will add to their allure.

Martha's Himalayans love the tree-trunk post she created for them at Bedford. They can climb, scratch,play or rest on the trunk, giving them a natural element to explore while adding a rustic note to the interior.

This little pug looks quite at home on his mattress, which is simply made with dishtowels sewn over a foam insert.

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