September Preview

The arrival of the September issue in my mailbox is always a nice treat: it signals the beginning of a new season, a fresh start and the journey back to my favourite place on earth: the great indoors! The annual decorating issue is rarely a let-down and this year is no exception. The issue is packed with reliable staples, including the requisite peek inside one of Martha's homes. This time it's her Bedford estate and a close inspection of her favourite houseplants: how she grows them and displays them to make her indoor spaces feel alive and welcoming.
The cover of the September issue shows Martha watering some of her begonias.
In her monthly column, Martha visits the pottery studio of her favourite potter, Guy Wolff.
Kevin Sharkey, decorating editor at Martha Stewart Living, has a new column this month. He gives us a sneak peek at the renovation of his sleek Manhattan apartment. I'm not sure if this will be a regular column or just a sporadic appearance. Kevin also has a new design blog worth checking out: http://homedesign.marthastewart.com
Taking a tour through Martha's homes is always a treat. Here we see how Martha grows and displays her best-loved houseplants. Sharkey seems less than interested!
A vignette of cacti in one of the parlours at Cantitoe Corners.
A story on how to make a modern style family-friendly is a fun and interesting read.
Also in this issue: Learn about growing Japanese anemones, how wallpaper is made and how sofas are upholstered. Learn to cook lighter at supper time and about collecting objects made of horn. Take a tour of a modern country retreat and visit a Cape Cod manse for an elegant dinner with friends. Try your hand at needle felting to make fun and useful crafts,


Pru said...

It is cruel of you and Kenn to be showing next month's magazine when I have only just managed to get August's edition (which I have to say is pretty special).

Now I can't wait until September's issue - I'm never satisfied and I blame you and Kenn for this Andrew!



Pru, I always have been and always will be a tease. :-)

Ramona said...

Cant wait for September because of course here in Australia it marks the start of Spring! but also for Martha fans the lead up to what I call 'celebration season' Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Love the blog