Martha Stewart Living International

Martha Stewart Living sells in its English format in a number of countries around the world, including Canada and the UK. However, since the new millennium, Martha's company has been seeking to expand its publishing ventures to include magazines sold exclusively to international markets. In 2001, Martha Stewart Living formulated Martha Stewart Japan, Inc., which published the first non-English version of Martha Stewart Living magazine in Japan, called simply Martha. The venture also included distributing her television show on the LaLa channel in that country, overdubbed in Japanese. Chinese and Spanish versions are also being planned. Below are the magazines under the Martha Stewart brand that are currently (or have been) distributed internationally, published in foreign languages or tailored to suit foreign markets.
JAPAN: Martha's first foray into the international market was with a large-scale publication in Japan called "Martha Stewart: Martha" that launched in 2001. It was published by MSLO Japan and published 14 times over a two-year period, with an additional special Christmas issue. An interesting feature about the Japanese issues is that they open in reverse: our back cover is their front cover!
In 2017, Martha Stewart Weddings Japan was launched. 
ISRAEL: In 2008, Martha Stewart Living launched a publication written in Hebrew in Israel. It was published by SBC Group and published only two issues, making it quite rare and collectible.
POLAND: Martha Stewart Living launched a Polish edition of the magazine in 2008. It is published by Edipresse Polska.
GERMANY: Launched in 2012, the German edition is published quarterly by Mediengruppe Klampt with editor-in-chief Sabine Bartels.
THAILAND: In 2009, Martha Stewart Living launched in Thailand. The magazine is thriving there!

INDONESIA: Also in 2009, an Indonesian version of the magazine launched. KOREA: Martha Stewart Living Korea was next in 2009.
MEXICO: The Mexican edition, in Spanish, was released spring 2014.
PHILIPPINES: Martha Stewart Weddings began publishing in the Philippines in 2008. It is published by Summit Media.MIDDLE EAST: Martha Stewart Weddings for the Middle East was a 2009 launch.
MEXICO: Everyday Food magazine is also published in Mexico with a Spanish edition. It was launched in 2008.
DUBAI: Everyday Food Dubai was launched in 2008, written in Arabic.

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