ASPCA to Honour Martha

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has selected Martha Stewart as the recipient of its Presidential Service Award. It will be presented to Martha by Ed Sayres, ASPCA president and CEO, at the 12th annual ASPCA Bergh Ball on Wednesday, April 23, at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Martha was selected for embodying the values of the honour's purpose, Sayres noted. The award recognizes individuals who have made an ongoing commitment to animals and have gone above and beyond to support animal welfare and encourage awareness. Martha said: "My life has been greatly enriched by the many pets I have cared for over the years. I am deeply committed to the values the ASPCA embraces and am honoured to be receiving this award."


Anonymous said...

How is it that the ASPCA can support a ridiculous Anti-American law in Illinois which prevents any convicted felon from owning any unsprayed or unneutered dog over 12 weeks. ...yet they honor Martha??


I wish Martha would bring this to their attention

Pru said...

If Martha was to highlight this issue to the ASPCA then it could cause her all kinds of trouble and highlight her previous conviction. Also if Martha highlighted with every company/charity she works with problems within she would have a very poor business. Surely it is a good thing for most animals to be spayed or neutered to stop so many dogs/animals being abandoned.

I am pleased that the ASPCA is honouring Martha, she seems to care greatly about her animals and hopefully through her getting this award she will highlight the importance of wildlife and animals in general.

Mary said...

I do like Martha but I have a problem with someone that has repeatedly purchased dogs (and I assume her cats) from a breeder. I really wish that animal lovers that are in the public eye would make more of an effort to support shelter animals. She may donate money to shelter causes but actions speak louder than donations. This has really been annoying me lately after the situation with the new Obama dog.

Anonymous said...

That law is really unfair and was co-written by the ASPCA. Under the theory that unaltered dogs are more likely to be involved in fighting, the law makes it a crime for felons to own any unaltered dogs--even Poodles! This is written that way because the ASPCA is so against "Breed Legislation"--and would not support banning the ownership of pit bulls by felons. This law is very Un-American-- if Martha lived in Illinois, she would not be able to own many of her dogs. I really admired how Martha left the prison with the shawl made for her by the other inmates and how she stuck up for them.

Sonya said...

I don't understand why people get so upset with Martha for using OUTSTANDING breeders such as Karen Tracy

There are so many factors that play a part in healthy pet ownership: temperament, health, socialization, etc.

Martha has many pets of different species and breeds (Dogs, cats, horses, miniature donkeys.) If not done properly, all sorts of problems could arise. I salute Martha for being such a wonderful, responsible pet owner.

Actions do speak louder than words. The funding that Martha provides to those shelters can do far more immediate good than whether or not her pets come from shelters.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Martha spends very little time with her pets. She is too busy, leaving them to be cared for by one of her many assistants.