Everyday Aberdeen

This striking red wire patio set, new from the Martha Stewart Everyday collection, bears little in common with its Scottish namesake. The town of Aberdeen in the northeast of Scotland, with its industrial landscape and chilling winds, was likely not the inspiration behind this beautiful, summery patio set. I happened upon it in an ad in the April issue of Martha Stewart Living.

I'm not a patio furniture afficionado at all, but this one really caught my eye. I love the detailing of the wire in the chairs, in particular, but also the whimsical table legs and the snug little bench. The table is $90, the chairs are $159 for the pair and the bench is $149. Available at Kmart.


Sarah said...

I would like to think that it is named after the town of Aberdeen in Washington State (the state where I live).

Martha may have heard of it through her Northwest travels with Charles Simonyi, who calls Seattle his home.

This set was at KMart last year and I admired it then. It has a vintage look to it.

Does Martha's contract run through the end of 2010 or end when 2010 begins? In any case, I want to pick this up this year should it not show up again next year.

mike said...

Hey - I've been to Aberdeen (WA)! And I live in the same state Sarah! LOVE the Aberdeen set - last year I almost bought the bench in green (Martha green).
Curious though - online an at my store the bench is $179? Could it be on sale? Hm... :)


Of course it's Washington! Silly me! (But the one in Washington was named after the one in Scotland...) Yes, Mike, I saw it on sale online for $149.

Sarah said...

Mike -
What area of Washington do you live? I am in Tacoma. Good to hear from a fellow Martha fan in WA!

wide open spaces said...

i adore this set. so sweet & pretty and it's nice to add a little pop of color to the backyard. really beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I regret not having purchased this when it was at Kmart.