Living's New Features

The arrival of the April issue in my mailbox today was so eagerly anticipated that I actually gasped a little when I saw it. I was so excited to see the new changes to the magazine's layout and study the new editorial features that have been much applauded by media observers and publishing experts. Seen as a fresh, lively and timely decision, the magazine's introduction of more diverse lifestyle topics (including fashion, beauty and travel) are expected to lure more advertisers to the fold while simultaneously broaden readership to younger women.

Looking through the new issue, I could not help but notice how similar the new content is to the features once found in Blueprint magazine: young women modeling beautiful spring jackets, a study of make-up tools and technique, the best in books and design trends.

Below I've provided some tear-sheet examples of the new editorial features in the April issue of Martha Stewart Living.
The Briefing page promises to focus on an extremely diverse array of subjects with its subheading: food, crafts, design, home, collecting, gardening, books and events. (This section replaces the "Object Lesson" page, which no longer appears in the magazine.) Much more broad in its focus, The Briefing examines new uses for lemons, art books and guides to live butterfly shows and fabric exhibitions around the United States.
The perfect bird seed and a look at some colourful casters round out the section.

In the Apothecary the subjects of health, beauty, skin care and "findings" are examined by the editors: the making of a good make-up brush, make-up storage tips, cleaning tips and sun-damage warnings.
Martha has her say with her favourite product picks. A look at the health benefits of happiness and a simple skincare guide are also included.
The Fashion section offers four pages of spring jackets, modeled by MSLO staffers, including Martha's assistant Kate, shown top left.
Even the Good Things pages have been revamped with bigger, bolder font, fewer items per page and more lengthy instruction.

This is the freshest, most beautiful issue of Living in a while. It also includes a lengthy and beautifully photographed feature on Susan Lyne's Manhattan apartment, which was decorated by Martha Stewart Living editor Kevin Sharkey.


Kenn said...

I have read, re-read, paged through, and fondled this issue over and over again. I love the new design and the new features. Fresh and inviting!

susan said...

I so hope my issue arrives today. It looks amazing. It's so nice they have added those great elements of blueprint that I miss so much. Now if they could just bring back a little influence from kids:)

Pru said...

I can't wait. After finally getting my hands on March's issue and being so thoroughly bored by the whole thing, it can't get much worse!


Norbie K. of Las Vegas said...

I will miss object lesson but will look forward to the changes.