Remarkable florist Peter Seprish, Creative Director at Takashimaya in New York City, was a guest on Martha's program today, demonstrating the art of flower arranging in unique vessels and vases. His designs are exquisite. He has designed arrangements for Martha's residences and, I believe, for the pages of Martha Stewart Living magazine. I thought I'd showcase some of the arrangements done by the floral design teams at Takashimaya, which is located at 5th and 54th in Manhattan. These ones are painterly and gorgeous, and so inspiring!

Takashimaya is a wonderful department store, founded in Japan in 1831, that originally sold handmade kimonos. The store in New York has a floral division, a Japanese tea room and restaurant (featuring Chef Taro Mitsuiki), a housewares section, as well as menswear and women's divisions. The store itself looks extraordinary. I haven't been there before but on my next trip to New York I definitely plan a visit. In the meantime, I hope these Takashimaya arrangements inspire you to create your own.

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Jim said...

I love the store - its very peaceful inside compared to the hustle and bustle on 5th Ave.. I'm sad that they moved the floral up to the 6th floor.