Glass Block Craft

My Aunt Sharron sent me this photograph of a holiday craft she created yesterday. It's a glass block with a string of 35 LED lights inside (white or multi-coloured), wrapped to look like an icy present. Select a glass block that is hollow inside then simply drill a small hole into the side of the block using a special glass cutting drill, which has a diamond head that does not break the glass. The drill bit should be one inch in diameter to allow the lights to fit through. Wear goggles and gloves while doing this to avoid glass particles. Carefully insert the LED lights (it takes a bit of practice, I'm told) and leave the plug for the cord exposed. Wrap the glass block in pretty ribbon and place it near an electrical socket to plug it in. Sharron has two - one on the kitchen counter and one in the family room. As you can see in her photograph, it creates a warm, festive glow. Sharron also says you can add a string of glass beads into the block to fill some of the empty gaps and to add to the sparkle.


Anonymous said...

My sister does this but she uses the block and places trays of food on them on her buffet table or under a beautiful tray of Hors d'oeuvres it creates a wonderful effect.

Maureen said...

Hey, I have a glass block just like that one too. I usually put a candle behind it and it casts a beautiful glow on the table.

Happy Holidays and all the best in 2009!

I have enjoyed your blog very much these past few months.

Take care,

(By the way, it is minus 31 right now in Winnipeg! Brrr.....)


Thanks, Maureen! I'm glad you've enjoyed the blog. We're not that cold in Ottawa (yet) but we got a big dose of snow today - and minus 26 with the windchill!

Carolyn said...

I love this idea!!!

47cats said...

Brilliant! Where do I get these glass blocks?


Dear 47 Cats,

(Do you really have that many??)

You can find the glass blocks at any hardware store, like Home Depot. Make sure they're hollow inside. I believe they do make solid glass blocks, so you want the hollow ones.