Dreamers Into Doers

On Wednesday, Martha Stewart will present the winner of the Dreamers Into Doers contest, which was launched by her company in June. Women entrepreneurs from all over the country were asked to enter for a chance to win $10,000 to further develop their companies. Out of thousands of entries, the contest has now been narrowed down to 11 finalists and the winners will be announced on Wednesday's episode of the Martha Stewart Show. The grand prize winner will receive the afforementioned prize money, a lifetime of free vacations from Wyndham Vacation Ownership and a trip to New York to meet Martha and be featured on the show.

I think this contest is a wonderful example of a company giving back by continuing the pioneering legacy of its founder. Martha turned her dreams into a reality and she knows as well as anyone who worked their way to the top that it didn't happen without a lot of help. The fact that MSO is helping these great women further develop their entrepreneurial ventures is inspiring and exciting.

Visitors to marthastewart.com also had their say and could vote on their favourites. I've chosen mine:

*Patricia Fragen of Naperville, IL: Normal Moments Inc.

After watching her 16 year-old daughter fight against and eventually lose her life to cancer, Patricia wanted to help parents going through the same ordeal. Patricia's organization provides supportive services like housecleaning, lawn care and more to parents with critically ill children, giving them the time to spend more 'normal moments' together.

*Tabitha Geary of Richmond, VA: Tabitha Geary LLC

Tabitha was thrilled when her mother took on the overwhelming task of organizing her photographs and momentoes into charming memory books for each of Tabitha's five children. Each one was custom made to suit the child it was given to. Thinking she might not be the only one who needed "memory organization" assistance, Tabitha started her company to help families organize and preserve their most treasured memories in professionally-designed memory books.

*Amy Jaffebarzach of West Hartfort, CT: Boundless Playgrounds

To honor the memory of her son who died of spinal muscular atrophy, Amy started Boundless Playgrounds as the first national nonprofit dedicated to helping communities create playgrounds where children with and without disabilities can play and learn together. There are now more than 130 Boundless Playgrounds in more than 20 states.

Good luck to all 11 finalists. They're all worthy.



tabbyg said...

Thank you so much for cheering us on. We are extremely thankful to Martha Stewart for this opportunity and introducing us to new friends. She was beautiful in person and could teach us all a lot about business.

I am thrilled that you watched our show and that you took the time to share our story with your readers.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Tabitha Geary


Congratulations, Tabitha! Your memory books are fantastic. I wish you so much continued success!

Thank you for writing in.