Glue Stick Cozies

No, friends, your eyes do not deceive you. An ingenious crafter at etsy.com (lavenderlizard) has come up with the perfect solution for keeping your gluesticks warm: knitted gluestick cozies in Martha's signature blue. With winter's approaching chill, be kind to your gluesticks and keep them out of frost's way! Crafted in 100% cotton yarn, the two cozies also come with a button closure and a keyring attachment for easy portability. Great for hanging on a keyring or on a hook at your craft table. The set ($15) includes the Martha Stewart Crafts gluesticks, which are in desperate need of warmth.
Smaller cozy measures approximately 3 1/2" (9.5 cm) high and 1 1/2" (4.3 cm) across. Smaller glue stick is .28 oz (8 g).Larger cozy measures approximately 4 3/8" (11.7 cm) high and 1 3/8" (4.1 cm) across.Larger glue stick is .78 oz (22 g).
This craft is high camp. For the crafter on your Christmas list who takes their projects just a bit too seriously, this funny little gift is the perfect remedy.


Carolyn said...

How cute is that!!!!


Pretty darn cute, Carolyn!

Kenn said...

Okay... these are just hysterical.

Elaine said...

I wouldn't leave home without my glue stick. :-)