Martha's M&Ms

Mars Direct, a division of Mars Snackfood US, announced a collaboration between MY M&M'S Chocolate Candies and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. The collaboration, which will be unveiled on Friday during a special live Halloween edition of the Emmy-winning series, The Martha Stewart Show, combines Martha Stewart's unique do-it-yourself craft ideas with personalized MY M&M'S. These handcrafted gift ideas will be available exclusively at mymms.com/martha and across all of MSLO's media properties. In her Friday show, Martha takes viewers on a first-ever behind-the-scenes visit to the MY M&M'S factory, giving audiences a glimpse into what it takes to produce one of America's all-time favorite sweets.
Through the integration, MSLO will create a cross-platform 360-degree program promoting stylish, personable and affordable holiday gifts featuring MY M&M'S Faces. This platform will allow consumers to put their favorite faces and personal holiday messages on M&M'S Chocolate Candies. In addition to being featured on The Martha Stewart Show, these exclusive do-it-yourself personalized holiday gift ideas will be on Martha Stewart Living Radio on SIRIUS; MSLO's online, eight-week Holiday Workshop at marthastewart.com; and through do-it-yourself articles featured in Martha Stewart Living and Everyday Food magazines.

"From family tree ornaments to wish jars, MSLO's personalized holiday decor and gift ideas featuring MY M&M'S Faces will allow our audiences to tell their own unique holiday stories," said Martha Stewart. "Featuring custom photos and messages with a sweet chocolate twist, each holiday craft idea allows consumers to take personalization to a whole new level to create truly one-of-a-kind holiday memories."


Carolyn said...

How cool. I can't wait for the behind the scenes M & M tour.

I eat M & M's every day!

Kevin said...

LOL! I never thought I'd see Martha's face on an M&M. :-)