An Early Christmas

It's never too early to start Christmas shopping, I say, so I decided to treat myself to an early Christmas gift. This little holiday kitchen linen set from the Martha Stewart Collection was found on eBay and I just had to have it. I'm glad I did! I love the colours and the retro-modern design.
The set came with two tea towels and a pot holder.
A nice detail is this linen strip in one corner of the towel for hanging it on a hook to dry.
A stitched Christmas tree on one corner of the pot holder is a very nice detail.

I've found that eBay is a great resource for discounted merchandise from the Martha Stewart Collection. I got my bedding from eBay, which you can see on my bed below. It's Martha's "Vintage Wallpaper" pattern from the Martha Stewart Collection.


Kevin said...

Nice choice, Andrew! The kitchen set is very nice (and you're right; it's never too early to shop for the holidays!) I love the bed linens, too. eBay is a great source for well-priced MS Collection pieces. I have purchased a couple of sheet sets from the Faux Bois line on eBay, and I LOVE them! :-)



Thanks, Kevin! I love the faux bois too. I chose the Vintage Wallpaper because I have all my vintage stuff in the bedroom, so it seemed like a good fit. (The trunk at the end of the bed is 87 years old!) I want the faux bois towels, DESPERATELY!


Anonymous said...

Macy's had the faux bois towels over the weekend for ten bucks! They're usually 14.99 here in Atlanta. I didn't get then because the weekend before I bought four bath sheets at K-Mart...for FOUR BUCKS a piece!
God love her, Martha rocks.

Andrew, one day maybe you could show me your bed linens in person...



Anonymous, I'm scandalized! ;-)

...Four bucks for faux-bois towels. Wow! We need a Macy's in Canada first before we get the specials, sadly.


Kenn said...

Hmmm.. faux bois towels... *makes mental note* Could be a (late) housewarming gift or a Christmas gift... btw.. your Beekman t shirt is FINALLY on the way! Your Forever tardy friend.. K


Kenn, you've always spoiled me.
"Thank you" doesn't begin to cut it.

Carolyn said...

Ain't eBay great!