New Macy's Ads

Martha Stewart has launched a new ad campaign for the Martha Stewart Collection at Macy's. I think it's quite innovative. The ads, which will run in magazines like Architectural Digest, Domino and all of Martha's own publications, are portraits of a certain kind of person...without the actual person. The ads use furniture and rugs and paint and accessories from Martha's various collections to a character: The Naturalist, The Curator, The Collector.

Also watch for new Macy's TV ads featuring Martha. In one of the new commercials, Martha is shown readying her department. Upon seeing Calvin Klein model and super-hunk Gabriel Aubry, Martha swoons and drops one of the plates, which shatters on the floor.

An ad that debuted last year featuring Martha and R&B singer Usher also will be rerun this spring: "Honestly, girl, when do you sleep?"

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Anonymous said...

The truly unique aspect of these adverts is that they are not featuring exclusively one type of Martha Stewart product. They highlight MS Colors paint at Lowe's, Rugs with Safavieh, Furniture with Bernhardt, Lighting (sold at many retailers including Macy's), and of course MS Collection at Macy's...and bringing them together for the first time to show the customer what happens when they bring ALL the products together. So, in that regard they are not exclusively featuring Macy's products.