Martha Stewart Crafts

To say that I'm excited about the new Martha crafts line would be an understatement. Since I started reading the magazine I have always wanted to get my hands on some of those beautiful storage boxes, elegant little labels, lovely striped ribbons and pretty papers. They are now all available, as of this month, at 900 Michael's stores across the U.S. and Canada. Americans can also order on a new website: marthastewartcrafts.com. (Shipping is limited to the 50 states.) I've gathered a few of my favourite things in a collage below, but please get out there and browse on your own.

Labels, labels everywhere! I have for so long wanted to have those chic little labels for anything and everything. Martha brings them to the fore at Michael's craft stores. (Another place to get labels is at masterstrokecanada.com - see the links to the side - where they also sell beautiful ribbons. For years Master Stroke Canada has supplied MSLO with many of the decorative labels and ribbons you see in the magazines. It is endorsed by the company.)

Martha Stewart Crafts also provides simple, elegant stationary and perfectly plain CD labels and envelopes. The ribbon is lovely, too. Above are some of my favorites. Below is an example of the food packaging that is available.

Also on my list are a variety of archival storage boxes for photos and papers. The scrapbooks, while expenisve, are archival quality and at least one of them will find its way into my home.

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