A Fun Chat With Martha!

Hello, everyone. I am presently in a state of afterglow since the airing of Martha's latest podcast, Super Fans! It was such a wonderful experience to chat with Martha via video-chat to discuss this blog and how her work has influenced her fans. I was joined by fellow fans (and friends) Bernie Wong and Dennis Landon, who met through the Martha Moments Facebook Group and are now a couple living in Madison, Wisconsin. I met Bernie and Dennis at the tag sale Martha hosted last spring, although I had known them for years through online correspondence. 

What struck me most about the conversation with Martha was how effusive she was. She was genuinely touched by our support and impressed by our knowledge of her brand and her life. As she noted in the introduction to the podcast, it may be the first time a "star" has interviewed her "fans", quickly adding that she considers Bernie, Dennis and myself to be friends of hers. It was almost surreal to see Martha's face on my computer screen via video chat, talking directly to me about our shared interests. I was so genuinely touched by her kind words and her interest in our lives. It was an experience I won't soon forget. Martha even blogged about it, too! You can read that blog by clicking here

You can listen to the podcast by clicking here, and I hope you do!

You can follow Bernie and Dennis on Instagram @berniewonggreen and see their glorious culinary and decorative creations. You can follow the Instagram component of this blog @martha_moments.

To read about my experience at the Great American Tag Sale, and all the fun I had with Bernie and Dennis, click here. And to see some of my purchases, click here.

During the podcast, I mentioned my two favourite covers of Martha Stewart Living, and here they are: March, 1999 and February, 1999. The March issue features a flower arrangement by Kevin Sharkey photographed by Christopher Baker. The February issue shows Martha surrounded by her Himalayan cats, Teeny, Weeny and Mozart in a photograph by William Abranowicz. 
Here is my Martha by Mail caramel glass squirrel and acorn dish at home on the buffet in my dining room. I think he needs to be part of a pair, though, so I'm searching for its mate!
This was the set up the day of Martha's podcast at the home of Bernie and Dennis, and I just love it. Almost everything you see is Martha Stewart brand; even the green chairs were purchased at Martha's tag sale. 


Carol Markel said...

Loved listening to the podcast.

Irene said...

I heard your episode yesterday and I immediately searched your instagram page and blog website. I have been a long time admirer of Martha as well since the early 90s (I was a teenager influenced by my mother admiration for her). My mother, a housewife, taught me since the beginning: "Martha Stewart has publicly shown the worth, value and complexity of housework, usually dismissed as women's menial work and unremarkable." 30 plus years later, I continue to marvel at her knowledge and passion to share and teach all these skills. Thanks for this beautiful blog. As Martha herself said, you are a beautiful talented editor.

Unknown said...


I've always wanted to meet Martha Stewart, but after listening to the podcast, I think I may want to meet you more. You paint pictures with words. Should you ever start a podcast of your own where you and your guests talk about all things Martha, please invite me on. I didn't even know there were others out there who admire her as much as I do!

Erin Guthrie

Kim Kingrey said...

Love Love Loved it! There have been a couple MBM Slag Nut Squirrels on EBay the last couple months. One sold for 25.00 I will keep a look out and buzz you on Facebook if I see one
Kim Oliver Kingrey @bungalowonelm

Kevin Link said...

Andrew, this is so exciting! I'm no longer on social media but continue to follow MM here (thanks for keeping the blog active!). I can't wait to listen to the podcast episode today.
The recognition from Martha is so very well-deserved. Hope you are well, my friend!

Alison said...

Congratulations! I loved the podcast and thought it was such an original way for Martha to go. I'm only sorry I found Martha Moments as you were winding the blog down, but its great fun browsing through past posts. I'm sure like everyone else, I look forward to reading more from you.