Martha Moments Readers Celebrate Easter

Who would have thought, as we celebrated Easter last year under the thumb of a global pandemic, that we'd be here again the following year facing many of the same challenges. While there are now several vaccines for COVID-19 and an overall decline in its spread, many parts of North America (and beyond) are still in lockdown. And masks aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Still, I'm always so heartened to see how the optimism of spring manages to shine through, even when times are tough. The wonderful members of the Martha Moments Facebook Group have yet again proven that where there's a will there's a way: Easter was celebrated with as much beauty and festivity as ever before, even if the guest list was short - or nonexistent. Below are some of the photographs shared on the group's page. Enjoy!

Todd Hall in Arkansas celebrated outdoors amid the tulips and daffodils in his garden. 
His guests (just two) dined on Martha's Wedgwood "Flourish" dinnerware and each received a beautifully-decorated, personalized Easter cookie.
Tim Obert set a beautiful spring table at his home in Salem, Massachusetts. 
Bountiful charcuterie and fruit plates were among the stars at the home of Brian Utz in Texas. 
Laura Guisbert-Clark made individual goodie bags for her guests to take home with them.
Jim Eber made alcohol-ink Easter eggs for his centerpiece this year. 
This beautiful arrangements graced the mantel of Deborah Ann Hrubesh.
Daniela Stypula-Rowe set this beautiful table for her guests. 
Martha's glittered eggs looked so festive on the mantel of James Richmond in California. 
His delicious-looking Easter meal was equally attractive!
Ken Puttbach made Martha's Outrageous Chocolate Cookies and displayed on them on one of her new Jadeite cake stands. 
This beautiful egg-shaped cake was the star of the show at Christine's house. 
Bernie Wong and Dennis Landon in Wisconsin displayed some of their treasured spring acquisitions from the missed Martha by Mail catalog. 
An assortment of decorative Easter eggs from Martha's new line of housewares were used in some of their  centerpieces. 
For my own Easter dinner I made Martha's yellow butter cake with chocolate frosting. It was also a birthday cake for my brother's 42nd. 
We served the slices on festive bunny plates from Anthropologie.

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