Celebrating "Very Good Things"

Martha's 98th book was published today! Very Good Things is the third in a series of how-to textbooks published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt: The Martha Manual and Organizing being the other two. Very Good Things is a compendium of 500 Good Things from Martha's magazines, and is the second book by Martha devoted to the subject; the first book, Good Things, was published in 1997. A Good Thing, as defined in the Martha lexicon of terminology, is a simple solutions to an everyday problem or an easy way to elevate the ordinary into something a little more special using materials and devices that are easily found or repurposed. Divided by categories, including decorating, homekeeping, organizing, cooking, entertaining and celebrating, the book is filled with "simple life hacks" to streamline routines, beautify interiors, simplify cooking and make entertaining and celebrating holidays a little more special.

Martha's definition of a Good Thing is perfectly described in her introduction to the book:

"The idea must be straightforward but yield a surprising result. For example, decanting liquid dish soap from unattractive plastic dispensers into decorative glass bottles fitted with excellent pourers that look beautiful and perform well on every sink top. Or, conversely, it could be an unexpected means to achieve a desired end, such as employing ice cubes to smooth iron-free sheets. It should call for easy-to-find materials, often used in novel ways - like enlisting a garden lattice as an organizer. And sometimes it’s about repurposing what you already have, such as mismatched bowls that double as jewelry holders. It should absolutely be useful and relevant- and, of course, always beautiful." 
To help promote the book, Martha Stewart has created a new Instagram account devoted entirely to Good Things. You can follow @marthastewartgoodthings for daily tips, tricks and ideas. You can also visit marthastewartgoodthings.com to subscribe to a Good Things digital newsletter and have Good Things sent to your inbox. There is also currently a contest on at the website to win a copy of the book, signed by Martha! Be sure to check it out! 

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