Martha Stewart's Cake Perfection - Out Today!

Martha's 97th book is out today and it's all about cakes, which makes it an automatic hit for me. Baking has been a pleasure for me during this pandemic and almost all of the recipes I made were Martha's - and almost all of them were from her first Cakes book. This book promises to deliver recipes and techniques that will take cakes to the next level of excellence, however the "from simple to stunning" subheading promises at least a few recipes for beginners. Be sure to order or pick up your copy today - or at the very least add it to your Christmas wish list!

The book will make an ideal companion to Martha's book "Cookie Perfection" which was published last year. Below are some examples of the cakes from the book. You can find even more in the October issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine. 


It can't get much more decadent than this multi-layer chocolate and salted-caramel cake with chocolate frosting! (Photo by Johnny Miller)

The Sprinkle Cake is found in the "Celebration Cakes" chapter - perfect for a birthday! (Photo by Lennart Weibull)

This unusual cake is made in a cast-iron skillet, filled with sliced nectarines arranged in a very pretty rose-petal fashion. (Photo by Lennart Weibull)

This Pistachio Cardamom Bundt Cake can be made any day of the week – fragrant and flavourful! (Photo by Lennart Weibull)

And, yes, there is a whole chapter on cupcakes too! (Photo by Mike Krautter)

This chocolate-zucchini sheet cake is perfect for a Fall dessert. (Photo by Lennart Weibull)

This is what Martha calls her "Faux-Stone Cake." It's in the chapter called "Show Cakes" - those cakes designed for the ultimate wow factor. I'm anxious to read the details about how this glaze is made and applied. (Photo by Lennart Weibull)

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Nick said...

Wow. That last faux stone one is the most beautiful cake I've ever seen. It's so eye-catching. I can't wait to get the recipe and try it out for myself. Thanks for the preview. I'm excited to get a copy.