The September Issue

In the late nineties, after a few years of reading Martha Stewart Living magazine on a regular basis, I came to view the September issue as the most prodigious. It was, during that phase of the magazine's history, the issue that was wholeheartedly devoted to decorating and all things to do with making the home beautiful, livable and enjoyable. The September issue has evolved over the years - and has gone through various incarnations - but this year seems to mark something of a return to those late-nineties vibes. 

The cover is beautiful, featuring a photograph by Noe Dewitt of Martha's turquoise McCoy pottery at her home in East Hampton. (A friend of mine recently exclaimed: "The best cover the magazine has had in the last decade, hands down!") Inside, there is a devotion to the late-summer/early-fall season and some of the best ways to enjoy it. There is a visit to a dahlia grower in Washington State; a tour of a beautiful, refurbished home in Philadelphia; a gallery of the most delicious-looking baked goods you'll ever want to make, and a feature on how to use up that tomato bumper crop. There are four pages devoted to maximizing your laundry routine and a series of Good Things you'll keep flipping back to: on-the-go breakfasts, ways to streamline your home office, and some DIY 'crop art' for kids and adults alike.

 Dahlias Are Forever: a gorgeous bouquet by dahlia grower Erin Benzakein in Washington State. Photo by Ngoc Minh Ngo

What strikes me this year more than ever is how important the home really is. This past spring, we were required to spend months indoors for the good of public health and are only now gathering the courage to maybe venture a little further afield. And yet, that feeling of 'being home' still brings us the most comfort, I find. Thank goodness for Martha Stewart Living to unabashedly help us navigate and elevate the humble home. 


Favourite Good Thing: Page 24, Crop Art: DIY your way back to school. Click here.

Favourite Recipe: Page 87, One-Bowl Chocolate Layer Cake

Favourite Find: Page 13, Martha's impressive McCoy collection makes me want to start one too!

Favourite Feature: Page 74, Florals for fall really IS groundbreaking! Dahlia Fields Forever


Anonymous said...

Yes - I think it's a solid issue as well. Mccoy pottery was one of the early, early MSL TV episodes - and it's nice to see Martha's collection here.

Anne Van Acker / Saratoga Springs, NY said...

I need to get this issue today! I just planted my first dahlia bulbs this year, and am wondering why I waited so long - probably because I know I will need to dig mine up (Zone 4). But these beautiful blooms are worth the effort. Just an amazing addition to my garden, and the article in this issue will give me even more inspiration to increase my dahlia collection!

Roseana Auten said...

Agreed! I really miss the "old" MSL, and its focus on home and garden. This issue has been the best one in long time.