Martha's Strawberry Cake

If June was a question, strawberries would be the answer. There is no fruit I associate more closely with the month of June than the gorgeous local strawberries of southern and eastern Ontario: plump, deep red, delicious and in-season. A few weeks ago I was leafing through the Martha Stewart's Cakes book, taking note of some of the recipes I was interested in making this summer. One that stood out for its simplicity was the strawberry cake on page 239. (You can also find the recipe online: click here). I decided to make it for the Summer Solstice weekend and I am very glad I did. The ease with which it's made belies the satisfaction of its flavour. I highly recommend you try this one this summer: simple and scrumptious!
Baked in a pie dish and bursting with berries, this homespun dessert offers an excellent excuse to go strawberry picking - as if you need an excuse! Take it with you on a picnic or to a backyard potluck, and serve it straight from the dish. (You can bake it in a 9-inch round cake pan if you prefer).
This cake is best served warm, in my opinion. I served the pieces with a couple fresh strawberries per slice and wish I had had some vanilla ice cream to accompany it, although it doesn't need it - and neither does my waistline.


Anonymous said...

As a child, a playmates's mother would prepare a strawberry rhubarb pie. I have seen her prepare the filling as I recall. If I was offered a slice I probably declined as I have no recollection of tasting it. My point a strawberry pie yes but baked in a cake I had a strawberry cupcake once and the texture to me was unappealing. Now fresh strawberry shortCAKE Yes Please tell me where and when. Fresh strawberries should be enjoyed fresh I know everyone has different preferences and I feel very strongly about a strawberry cake with whole sad strawberries.


Indeed, everyone has their preferences. I like strawberries all ways: fresh, in pie fillings, in dessert sauces and in cakes too! I thoroughly enjoyed this cake.