Organizing MSL, Month by Month

With so much time spent indoors at the moment, I decided to organize my collection of Martha Stewart Living magazines, which includes over 200 issues. I was finding it difficult to locate past issues and it seemed wise to group them by month so that I could easily reference seasonal articles pertaining to the month at hand.
The organization of collected issues was a topic of discussion on the Martha Moments Facebook Group recently, and many members of the group said they preferred to group their issues by month, so I decided to do the same.

I began by piling all of my magazines on the floor and then made stacks for each month. I then grouped them in cardboard IKEA magazine holders, which are inexpensive but sturdy. I arranged the folders by month on the bottom shelves of my bookcases, chronologically: January on the far left progressing to December on the far right.
I'm quite pleased with this system and have already benefited from it as I browse all the April issues for some Easter inspiration and recipes. How do you organize your issues?


Unknown said...

Hi Andrew, The early Martha Stewart Living Magazine with the cover of Martha in the greenhouse (its on the lower foreground of the photo you posted)... What month and year was that from ? Thanks

Marions kid said...

You have put a light under me to organize my Martha's.. Makes so much sense. It was a ah ah moment . Thanks! Love your blog,by the way.



Thank you, Susan! Glad you enjoy the blog and that I've inspired you to organize your magazines by month. It's truly so much easier to reference them by month/season. All the best!


Hello, Unknown! The magazine you're referring to is the February/March issue from 1994. A very nice issue!