A Martha by Mail Cookie-Cutter Index

It gives me great pleasure to share this. At last, Martha Stewart collectors now have access to the most thorough and complete index of Martha by Mail cookie cutter sets produced for the Catalog For Living. It was created by my friend David Pantoja of the Good Things by David blog, where he shares all manner of inspiring ideas for the home. (I urge you to follow his blog if you don't already).
The index was created to fill a void for collectors, many of whom write to David or myself, interested in learning more about Martha by Mail merchandise - most specifically the cookie cutter sets, which are currently the most highly-prized and collectible Martha by Mail items on the second-hand market. We can now happily and confidently refer to this fantastic index for many of the answers we're looking for!
It is a highly-detailed and well-organized list that I know any collector of the Martha by Mail cookie cutters will benefit from. Here's how David structured the index:

"I divided the sets into two lists, each organized by product number.  The product number indicates the order in which each cutter was offered/released for sale through Martha by Mail.  One list consists of the large, closed-back cookie cutters that were sold in sets of two, with the exception of the Nordstrom Teddy Bear and the copper trays (noted by an asterisk).  The other list consists of all of the sets that were made with open-backs and sold as boxed sets.  All of these were made out of copper, except where noted."
Please click here to see the full index! Thank you, David!


Good Things by David said...

Thank you for sharing this on Martha Moments, Andrew! After all of these years, it's finally done! Now you and I can refer people's questions to the list. :)


David, it's my absolute pleasure! And, yes, it will be such a resource! So well done, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Wait a MINUTE when I googled this a post of GTBD popped up and said Martha Moments would stop publishing !!!!!! what, do I remember this??? if so the angst has passed Andrew refresh our memory about the reversal of our fortunes to be able to continue visiting your posts I looked at the dog shapes and thought What no Boykin Spaniel! My old handle from the MSLO chat rooms was Hard Boiled Egg LOL

Anonymous said...

Not meaning to be greedy but now we now need an index for the MBM Jadiete?


I will ask David about the jadeite! ;-)

And, yes, I did stop publishing the blog for a time - about eight months - and then resumed.