Bats in Sarah's Belfry

My friend Sarah Konyer in Vancouver got a bit batty this Halloween. Taking a page (literally) from the October issue of Martha Stewart Living, she endeavored to recreate the batty mantel from the Good Things section. And I must say, she scored top marks! The magazine provides a helpful bat template, which Sarah used for her dining room decor, below, and suggests affixing the paper creatures to the walls using adhesive dots.
 Sarah used a horde of small paper bats that, when assembled en masse, seem to be flying frantically out from the open flue. The trick is to cluster them slightly near the bottom and then spread them out as you near the ceiling, giving the swarm some dimension. Bending the wings adds to the effect.
For comparison, the image that appeared in the magazine is on the left and Sarah's interpretation is on the right. Both are magazine-worthy!
Sarah used Martha's bat template for this creepy bat arrangement that hung upside down in her dining room prior to her Halloween soiree. A very effective (and spooky) look all around!


Anonymous said...

Andrew, where I live the local university has a Bat House and any evening one can go and watch the evening exodus of the colony. I installed a bat house on the north side of my house and bats colonized the neighbors attic- oops! was I creating an attractive nuance? Bats are beneficial -- I do believe they are the sole pollinator of the almond tree or is it something to do with the vanilla bean-- anyway bats are our friend if you like to eat! Fruit nuts etc ps The Bacardi rum heirs established the LuBee Foundation they have a web site it is worth a look

Anonymous said...

Hey AR me again, just checked to see if my hometown has a web cam and the UF bat house has a recorded video of Bat Activity woowhoo do an internet search as I am not link savvy boo hoo