Martha's Upcoming Book on Organizing

Martha's follow-up to The Martha Manual: How do to (Almost) Everything, released earlier this year, will focus exclusively on the art of organizing. Published by the same imprint, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Martha Stewart's Organizing (288 pages) promises to be an indispensable textbook for those seeking to learn not only how to organize the home but also how to maintain ongoing organization practices.
Lessons are divided by the various approaches to organizational strategies (room by room, seasonal, daily and weekly) complete with organizing lessons, charts and to-do lists. Through setting goals, learning the principles of organizing, obtaining the right tools to help in the process and creating effective systems for ongoing tidiness, the reader will develop practical techniques and good habits. There are lessons, too, on how to keep your home clean as well as DIY projects to make tackling the challenge of organizing a little more creative and fun. Martha also shares her own organizing schedules with the reader as examples to work from.

This is Martha's second book on organizing. The first was published in 2001: Good Things for Organizing. It is still available in paperback on Amazon. It is a collection of the best organizing ideas from the pages of Martha Stewart Living magazine, published to that date.

I'm looking forward to this book. While my apartment is extremely organized, I think there's always room for improvement! Martha Stewart's Organizing will be published on January 7th, 2020.

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