Martha's Coffee Available on Amazon

When Martha Stewart first opened her cafe in New York City (at her company's headquarters in the Starrett Lehigh Building on West 26th Street) a kind American friend of mine sent me a small care package containing some of the best the small cafe had to offer: Martha's favourite breakfast tea blend, her favourite coffee blend as well as a beautiful apron.

The cafe's online store, where you could once order these products and more, is no longer in operation. Happily, however, the consumer can now find an assortment of Martha's coffee blends at Amazon.com - a recent addition to the Martha Stewart Shop, the company's online shopping hub of its product lines.
The coffees were all produced in partnership with Barrie House Coffee Roasters, a New York based company founded in 1934. All of Martha's coffees are Certified USDA Organic (grown without pesticides or herbicides and harvested in a sustainable way) and are certified Fair Trade, meaning the farmers who grow and harvest the beans are not exploited. Martha's Blend is described as smooth and mellow, sweet and balanced, complex in flavour and never bitter or burnt. Each of the 10 ounce bags shown above is $10, or $1 per ounce. Martha's Blend is available in whole bean, whole bean espresso, whole bean decaf, ground and ground decaf.
Also available are boxes of single-serve capsules: each box contains 22 individual servings. You can purchase one package or a grouping of up to four boxes, amounting to 88 capsules. (I personally don't recommend single-serve packages of any product because of the waste they produce).

These coffees are currently only available for shipping within the United States.  Click here to shop.

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