The Martha Stewart Shop + Easter Offerings

Martha always celebrates Easter in style. It is little wonder, then, that she is offering several Easter decor items for the season, most notably through Macy's and QVC. At QVC, there is a selection of Peter Rabbit decorations that are personal favourites of mine; the rabbits are designed to look exactly like chocolate Easter bunnies but are in fact made of a sturdy resin. There are two styles available in two different sizes: a standing rabbit, which is 16" tall and a seated rabbit, which is 10" high. Both styles are tied with a pretty green gingham ribbon, which can be changed for your own ribbon if you desire. Placed along the center of a table or on a buffet or a sideboard these bunnies would add whimsical charm with their trompe-l'oeil effect. Click here to see more of these cute little guys! I really love them.

These are the resin bunnies that Martha has at her home in Bedford. She based the QVC rabbits on these designs.

Meanwhile at Macy's, Martha has a selection of Easter offerings as well, including this set of four ceramic cocottes and a flower-shaped casserole dish that I'm quite in love with. Click here to see more of Martha's Easter offerings at Macy's.

Martha shoppers will be glad to hear that marthastewart.com has now created a Martha Stewart Shop where all of Martha's products can be viewed through one simple portal. From lighting to rugs, garden supplies to clothing, home decor to books, wine and pet supplies, the Martha Stewart Shop is your one-stop location to see everything Martha!

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