I Love the April Issue

Spring cannot come soon enough for me. Here in Ontario, Canada, this winter was especially cold and snowy. And as much as I love a snow-laden landscape, my desire for beautiful gardens, leafy trees, blue skies and sunshine has superseded my attraction to the warm and cozy. The April issue of Martha Stewart Living, which is on newsstands now, is the perfect bastion of the season to come. With its exuberant colour and promise of 'Spring Fun', it is a sight for winter-weary eyes.
Inside the magazine, I was so pleased by the content. Those are Martha's cookies on the cover and she shows us how she makes them in her monthly column. There are gorgeous new ideas for Easter egg designs that are based on fine-china patterns (reminiscent of classic Martha content) as well a gorgeous spring menu that I'm eager to explore. There are delicious recipes for morning pastries, a guide to a greener spring cleaning regimen (and greener eating, too!) plus a guide to buying furniture that lasts.

What most warmed my heart was the feature written by Margaret Roach about her garden in Copake Falls, New York, which I was lucky enough to visit in 2005. The former MSL editor-in-chief (and the magazine's founding garden editor) will publish a revised version of her first book "A Way To Garden" on April 30th. I have the first edition and can tell you that it is one of my favourite books of all time. I will certainly get the new version as well, which includes new photographs and a new design.

I like that the magazine is plucking from its field of alumni: Margaret Roach, Gael Towey, Melanio Gomez and Ayesha Patel have all been contributors over the last few years and I hope this trend continues; the incorporation of familiar faces is the perfect bridge to connect longtime readers to the newer ones. The April issue is lovely, indeed.


Margaret Roach said...

I didn't see this till just now -- thank you! Hope you are well.


I often think of your grand and humble garden, Margaret. I'm well and it's nice to hear from you!