Martha's New Flower Service with BloomsyBox.com

This week, just in time for the holidays, Martha launched her new flower-delivery service with BloomsyBox.com, one of the leading mail-order floral services in the world with operations in Holland, South America and the United States. The farm-to-table delivery service sources its blooms directly from the farms where the flowers are grown and they are shipped to your door from there - no middle man required!
Martha's service will begin by specializing in roses only but will expand in 2019 with more floral varietals. Martha's service is subscription-based and can be used for yourself or given as a gift: the subscriber can purchase a monthly, 3-month, 6-month or annual subscription with roses delivered each month in one of three bouquet sizes: small, medium and large. The delivery is limited to the contiguous United States and the rose bouquets are single-type only: no mixed bouquets at this time.
The bouquets come in three different sizes: small, medium and large, as shown in the photo above. (You can also use single stems from the bouquet in smaller vessels).

When you subscribe to the service, here is what you will receive. Each month, a bouquet of roses in the size you've selected will arrive at your door, seven days from the date of purchase. The rose varieties have all been selected by Martha and sourced from sustainable farms. The blooms ship directly from the farms.

Your bouquet will arrive securely hand-tied in a specially designed Martha Stewart BloomsyBox. Inside you'll find a booklet of Martha's care instructions, plant food and tips for arranging and displaying your flowers. You will also receive information about your specific rose variety.

Each variety was picked at the peak of freshness and is unique: some may still be in bud form. With patience and care, you'll enjoy the blooms for a couple of weeks as they slowly unfurl.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you order now through December 31, using code BLOG10 you will receive 10 percent off the subscription! CLICK HERE to learn more and subscribe.

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As a long time MSL subscriber I struggle with renewing the subscription. Not the same magazine it was. Too little information that is of interest or substance and too many ads. First thing I do when I get the magazine is tear out all the ads. That leaves me with 10 minutes of reading.

The covers this year were very nice.