The November Issue

I've been happily enjoying the November issue of Martha Stewart Living for over a week now. And even though Thanksgiving in Canada has long since passed (we celebrate on the second Monday of October) the ideas contained within this issue are inspiring me for future fall projects and cooking sessions. The cover, first of all, is beautiful. It is reminiscent of covers-past with that perfect blend of rustic and modern; the colours are ideal, the styling of the image is superb and it just feels right.
Inside, the well of the magazine is bursting with deliciousness, savory, sweet and otherwise. A feature on pies had my mouth watering and my interest piqued: each of the pies is a modern variation on an old classic and, again, the styling is gorgeous in this feature. Two home features felt like a bonus to me! In one we visit the home of a young couple who moved to Maine recently to get back to a rural way of being and, similarly, in another feature, we visit the home of baker and cookbook author Jessie Sheehan in rural Connecticut. Both features feel authentic and offer some very nice ideas for decorating and cooking. A garden feature takes us to a beautiful arid garden in California for a nice change of pace and the front of the issue (Good Things, Good Living, etc.) is chockablock full of inspiring and practical ideas for Thanksgiving and the fall season. I'm really enjoying this year's issues! How about you?


Anonymous said...

Haven't seen the issue as of yet, but the cover is reminiscent of past November MSL magazines ....just perfect.

Anonymous said...

Andrew I came across my Oct-Nov 1993 copy of MSL and on the cover there is MS on a ladder up in a tree picking fruit. It is an issue chock full of info and a article on stocking your pantry and a beautiful green cupboard pictured. The copy followed the format of her early shop i.e. an article of restoring plaster walls!

Anonymous said...

This is the best cover the magazine has had in ages!