The October Issue

On this, the official last day of summer, I thought it was time to blog about the October issue, which has been on newsstands for over a week now. When I first saw the cover I was really enchanted: I love how it is styled and how elegant those jack-o-lanterns look with a carved fox and hare: probably the best cover yet this year!
Inside the issue, the delight continues. The Good Things section is devoted entirely to Halloween, with tips and ideas for costumes, treats and spirited decorating. Martha shows us how she uses the abundance of apples on her farm to make apple cider. (Speaking of apples, the apple sundae recipe on page 90 is a must-try). There is a very interesting feature about how pumpkins are auctioned off each year at a big pumpkin bazaar in Pennsylvania to retailers who sell them at their stores. A decorating feature about achieving a modern-vintage look at home feels fresh in an October issue and a food spread all about peppers yielded some yummy-looking delights. There's the pumpkin-decorating feature alluded to on the cover and a great feature on making doughnuts at home. The issue flows really nicely and it's one I've referenced a few times since I've had it. It's on newsstands now and very much worth a read.


Anonymous said...

Excelent Holleween edition, with good interesting articles and photography. If I was to say anything negative, some of the articles may have been slightly short. But all in all, closer to the earlier additions of MS L.


APM, I think we can expect short articles from here on out. The days of lengthy, informative articles in MSL are gone, I'm afraid. I don't learn as much from the newer issues but the articles are more like little short stories, which can be fun to read at times.

Anonymous said...

Thinking about it , you are correct, and it has been the trend with so many other magazines. I guess I somehow belived/wanted MSL to be different do to its founder and her often comment that she thinks of herself as a teacher. Unfortunately after it was sold, Ms Stewart's original
staff and goals have gone.