"Pressure Cooker" Out Today!

Martha's 91rst book is out today! "Martha Stewart's Pressure Cooker" contains more than 100 recipes for the pressure cooker, the Multicooker and, of course, the Instant Pot. The recipes were developed by the food editors at Martha Stewart Living magazine, rigorously tested to work in each type of pressure cooker to suit your family's needs. If you're pressure cooking, this book will make the experience foolproof and fearless. Reduce the cooking times of pantry staples, such as whole grains, dried beans and stocks, or cook up perfect risotto in under six minutes. There are desserts, too, such as puddings and cakes! Pressure cooker techniques are all about yielding great taste in great time. With school nights and busy work weeks ahead, why not brush up on your pressure-cooking skills? You can find the book in stores today or order at Amazon.com by clicking here.
Martha has also been developing her own pressure cooker machine! Details about its release date and where it will be sold are not yet available but you can see an image of it below. I would keep an eye out at locations wherever Martha's wares are sold: Macy's, Amazon, QVC and The Home Depot.

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John Warner said...

I used it twice and it quit working while I was using it the second time. Had to finish cooking my meal in my crockpot and eat it the following day.electric pressure cooker