Examples of Martha's Metal Tree Planter

Members of the Martha Moments Facebook group have recently shared photos of their new metal tree planters from QVC. Everyone who has received it, that I have spoken to, has loved the item: easy to install, durable and, especially, beautiful. (Some did mention they wish the pots were slightly larger so that they could plant more in them). In the photos below, all look delightful mounted on the walls of their homes. Thank you to Dennis Landon, Shannon Weidner-Brown and Melissa Smith-Knerr for sharing their photos. Have you purchased anything from Martha's QVC line yet? What do you think of the items?


Anonymous said...

I purchased her leaf blower for the yard. I like it (it's in that celedon green color she loves!) but it had a 12 inch cord - so I had to buy an extension cord to use it - which then did not make the price much of a bargain.

I still miss "Martha by Mail" - she had such unique and beautiful items that I still use all these years later!

Anonymous said...

Have not put mine together yet but will be doing something different for the pots. Need to find a good match to replace the dull gray plastic ones. The design is good except for the plastic pots.