Martha Curates Recipes for Two Literary Classics

In a new book-to-table series for children, launched by Penguin Books, Martha Stewart will curate a collection of her recipes inspired by two literary classics, which are to be released this October: "A Christmas Carol: The Classic Novel with Recipes for Your Holiday Menu by Giada de Laurentiis, Ina Garten, Martha Stewart and Trisha Yearwood" and "Pride & Prejudice: The Classic Novel with Recipes for Modern Teatime Treats by Martha Stewart." Both books will include the complete novel, with illustrations, and themed menus of recipes from well-known chefs.
These will be the perfect gift for any youngster interested in reading the classics and trying their hand at some time-tested recipes that are inspired by the themes of the book. (We don't have either of these novels in our collection of books, so these will be going on my Christmas list!)


Anonymous said...

Good day,
Any idea when these will be available?

Kristin said...

These sound awesome!


This coming October