Martha Stewart Living Launches "Change the Day" Campaign

Martha Stewart Living magazine has launched a new campaign, beginning with its April, 2018, issue. The campaign, which will be a cross-platform initiative led by editor-in-chief Elizabeth Graves, is designed to help readers lead cleaner, greener, healthier and happier lives by changing their daily habits through mindfulness and an awareness of the environment around them. By demonstrating how simple habits and new routines can change the day for the better, the magazine will focus on an a new initiative each month through the magazine: clean water, energy efficiency, wellness, etc.

"Martha Stewart Living has always set out to make life better for our audience," Graves says. "In the same spirit that we've championed American Makers, we want to highlight those innovative people and organizations that are working tirelessly to help improve the way we live in every way."
In the April issue of Martha Stewart Living, shown above, the "Change Maker" column makes its debut. It will feature inspiring individuals and organizations working vigorously to make a positive and tangible impact on the world. The magazine features Lauren Singer, a zero-waste advocate. Singer shares her daily tactics for dramatically-reducing her trash output.

"We don't expect everyone to go zero-waste off the bat, but Lauren offers so many easy and attainable things that we can actually do," says Graves. "The average American generates more than five pounds of garbage a day, and cutting that down by any degree is impactful."

To turn these ideas into action, readers have the opportunity to take a pledge each month at marthastewart.com, and thereby become part of a movement to make an even bigger impact. The first pledge is to minimize trash at lunchtime - whether that is passing on the plastic takeout bag or keeping metal/bamboo utensils handy - these are simple and impactful changes. Each pledge is also shareable, and can be found on social platforms, using the hashtag, #ChangeTheDay.

Throughout every month, consumers can visit marthastewart.com's "Change the Day" hub and find additional content, original videos, and sign up for a newsletter to continue to learn new tips, and stay connected with the progress of each campaign. The site will also feature "Companies that Care," highlighting organizations that are making strides to help consumers live better.

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