Martha's New Faux-Bois Planters on QVC

For those of us who know Martha - I mean really know her style - then the words "faux bois" should make perfect sense, even to those of you who may not speak French! The words mean "false wood" and Martha has collected this style of furniture since purchasing her home in Maine (Skylands) in 1997.

Faux Bois is a decorative technique that mimics the physical qualities of wood, whether it is the grain, the texture of the bark or the gnarled shapes of tree branches. The style originated in France about 150 years ago when outdoor public spaces, such as zoos and parks, incorporated whimsical 'false wood' fences and bridges made of sculpted concrete to give the appearance of gnarled, branch-like railings and stools that looked like log stumps. Faux-bois garden furniture gradually became popular: tables, chairs, planters and flower pots were made of concrete to resemble found, untreated logs and branches. At Skylands, Martha uses much of her collection indoors to create a rustic, woodland feel. Martha's collection is quite extensive, encompassing both antique examples from England and France as well as original pieces that she had specially commissioned for Skylands.You can read about her use of faux bois at Skylands by clicking here.

Martha has now designed and produced several reproductions of faux-bois planters, based on designs from her own collection, and has made them available for purchase on QVC. This is so exciting to those of us who have loved and admired Martha's collection from afar! Below are the details.
This raised faux-bois planter box is based on the design of one of Martha's own concrete planters at Skylands. The planter measures 24"H x 30"L x 15"W and weighs 28 lbs. It is made of lightweight resin and has three drainage holes at the base of the planter. The planter can be removed from the base, which has protectors on the bottoms to keep floors from scratching. It retails for $169 at QVC.com.
This is Martha's original, antique faux-bois planter that the design was based on. It is made of concrete and is shown here at Skylands planted with separate pots of Venus Slipper Orchids. Pine needles gathered from the surrounding woods conceal the pots and unify the look.
Also part of the faux-bois collection is a series of three wood-stump planters in various sizes: the smallest is a 9" pot, followed by a 14" pot and finally a 19" pot. The designs of each are identical, with the exception of their varying sizes. As with the raised planter box, these pots are made of lightweight resin, have drainage holes and small 'feet' with rubber protectors to prevent surfaces from scratching. The pots range in price from $30 to $90.
The carved details are so realistic - they perfectly mimic the look of weathered tree bark.
Here are the originals that Martha based her design upon, shown in the upstairs hall at Skylands planted with begonias.


Anonymous said...

These are very handsome planters and I am sure they will be excelent "sellers" for Ms Sterwart.

Melanie said...

These are gorgeous! Would you know if they are they available to/in Canada?


Melanie, I wish! But, sadly, no. They are only available to residents of the U.S. I would have bought one of each.

John said...

I was at work and missed her show on QVC but I bought one of the smallest and the one of the medium sized planters from the website. Would have bought more but they were pricey. I think including shipping my order was over $80 for the 2 planters.
I also want to see what they really look like in person. It's sometimes hard to capture the nuance of natural materials (even concrete) without it coming out looking rather plastic-y when something is made of resin. Unfortunately the shipping would probably be prohibitive for real concrete and it would likely be harder to mass produce. Hopefully they will have a nice look. I think Martha probably made sure they are of good make considering how much she loves faux bois.
Might have to spring for the big trough planter with legs if they look good in person. I can just imagine a pair of those on a porch or in a sunroom in front of big picture windows.


Let us know how they are John! :-)

Tony Chennault said...

I agree with John I hope they don't end up looking plastic-y. Either way I ordered two different sizes planters and the raised planter. I was scared if I didn't order them now that they might not be available later. I have always loved Martha's faux bois collection especially the raised planter at Skylands. Martha did mention on the show that she would be releasing more items in here garden collection, so hopeful more faux bois to come.

pamula said...

I freaked out when I saw these on QVC. I purchased 2 of the raised and one of each of the pots. I also wish I could purchase more but I splurged as it is. One raised is about $183 with shipping and tax. It is on advanced order and I want them available in the south as soon as they become available so I can plant. I plan on using them outside but may bring them in during winter too. To me they look so realistic and are so detailed. I love her style! I will bring them into the garage in the winter to help maintain them better. I may change my mind but they don’t look like plastic to me... I definitely feel they are a great price and alternative to the real vintage planters. It would be cool to make my own? There is at least one seller on Esty that makes them.