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A few months ago I told you about a gorgeous Etsy shop called Golden Age Botanicals that was started by my friend Kathryn Bondy, whom I met at Anthropologie nine years ago. She was a display coordinator at the time. Well, she has been kind and generous enough to create a small, festive wreath - with paper blossoms, gilded leaves and hand-painted strawberries - for a giveaway contest that is starting today!! See below to learn more about the prize, the contest and preview a gallery of Kathryn's new work:
This is the gorgeous paper wreath that is yours for the winning! It was handmade by Kathryn and all of the flora and foliage you see here is made of handcrafted paper that has been cut, shaped, painted or dyed to mimic actual roses, berries and leaves. The wreath form is made of handmade 'brass rope' reminiscent of the details on brass vases in still life paintings and the roses are Majolica-inspired. It would be gorgeous in any room of the house, but especially a bedroom, a child's room or a pretty corner of a parlour or living room.
Kathryn is extremely detail-oriented and she leaves no subtlety unaccounted for. Look at the detail of the rose petals and each of the tiny stamens.
The strawberries, made of Polymer, are hand painted with terrific details: seeds, leaves, golden tendrils and beautiful blossoms.


Winning this wreath is really simple!

1. You must follow both @martha_moments and @goldenagebotanicals on Instagram in order to win. If you follow one but not the other your name will not be entered. (If you're not on Instagram, it's very easy to sign up!) 
2. You must leave a comment on one (or both) of these accounts detailing your favourite holiday tradition (one or two sentences is fine) and then tag a friend!

And that's it! The deadline is midnight on Wednesday, December 20. The entries will all be gathered and we will choose a name, at random, out of a pretty Jadeite teacup - figuratively speaking! The winner will be announced on both the @martha_moments and @goldenagebotanicals Instagram accounts, as well as here on the blog on December 21rst. From there, Kathryn will contact you via Instagram to retrieve your mailing address and send it off to you! We're both looking forward to seeing your entries! And good luck to all who enter!

Please note that if you're not a contest sort of person, an identical wreath to the one shown above is available for purchase at Kathryn's Etsy shop, Golden Age Botanicals.


Kathryn has been busy getting new items up on her Etsy shop for the winter season. Below, I've highlighted some of her new creations. I'm sure you'll agree that they are utterly beautiful. To see Kathryn's shop, click here. (All items in the shop are handmade by Kathryn in her Toronto studio. Prices are in Canadian dollars.)
Hellebores are such harbingers of spring. Handmade of paper, the flower is mounted to a vintage silver coaster and can be hung.
Here is a more detailed look at the petals. Astounding detail.
This gorgeous, diminutive wreath features Paperwhites and winter berries.
A closer look at the Paperwhite blossoms.
There are two sizes of the wreath available.
This set of three paper pear ornaments would make any Christmas tree the envy of the neighbourhood.
A closer look at one of the pear ornaments.
A set of four strawberry ornaments, made of hand painted Polymer, would be perfect accompaniments to the pears, shown above.

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