The June Issue

Traditionally, the summer issues of Martha Stewart Living are the ones I tend to read a bit less enthusiastically. It's not that I don't enjoy them - I do! - but summer is a season I find myself less inclined to celebrate with as much verve as I celebrate fall or spring or the holidays. I don't really like the heat much. I am not a fan of mosquitoes and traditional summer events and activities are generally not my thing. Having said that, I love the heady perfume of a flower garden, the way the breeze laughs through the leaves of a big tree and all that amazing, amazing produce at the grocery store.

The June issue of Martha Stewart Living gave me that little thrill of a classic summer issue: yummy food that's easy to prepare, dining alfresco and taking time to literally smell the flowers. Below are some of the highlights.
The editors serve up three picnic menus that are sure to please: Italian, Middle Eastern and Classic American.
A delicious pork platter from "Shed" - a restaurant and heritage market in Healdsburg, California.
Daniel and Lipton, the owners of Shed, have a chef's kitchen that is to die for! I am in love with this marble piece that originally came from a cheese shop in Paris, France.
Don't get me started on summer desserts; they are my favourite! From clafoutis to cobblers to crumbles to sundaes to delicious summer pies, I'm a sucker for summer sweets. The editors have put together a great assortment of desserts that celebrate summer's fruit harvests.
A 1912 garden in upstate New York enjoys a return to former glory thanks to the help of volunteers!
I love seeing fellow Canadians in Martha Stewart Living! Jason Logan, founder of the Toronto Ink Company, is reviving the lost art of making natural inks using natural ingredients foraged from local parks and green spaces. How-to, below:


Jamie said...

I agree with you! I've commented for a while about the decline in the quality of the content, the photography, the typography, everything. I have to say, the past two issues have been more "Martha" than they have in a while. Fingers crossed for more!

Paloma said...

I agree with Jamie. I wish the magazine would return to it's lush origins. It was more like Donna Hay magazine and less like Family Circle. I love the articles and photographs but I'm always left with wanting more of Martha's style and pictures of her homes. I hope her restoration/renovation of Ox Ledge gets featured in her magazine. I'm so desperately waiting for photographs of that project!