NEW: The Martha Stewart Wine Co.

Wine lovers can now turn to Martha Stewart Wine Co. for a selection of wines from some of the world's finest wine-producing regions. The Martha Stewart Wine Co. is a direct-to-consumer service featuring carefully curated bottles that are delivered straight to your home or office. Martha has also included a special collection of her own personal favourites - the wines that she reaches for first whenever she entertains!
Martha consulted with vitners from around the world to develop a collection of high-quality, flavourful wines that both wine aficionados and those new to wine tasting will love. A wide range of varietals and price points are on offer, from affordable everyday wines to premium, special-occasion bottles. Visit marthastewartwine.com to learn more about the service and the wines Martha has selected.
The online shop delivers to your door within three business days, so you'll always have your favourite bottles on hand for every occasion. U.S. residents only.


Rowaida said...

Wow amazing and beautiful Martha xx
Have a great weekend Andrew xx

Anonymous said...

Wish this was available in Canada but I understand.