Readers Share Their Holiday Baking Moments!

I'm always so delighted by the talents of the people who read this blog and share their ideas and projects on the Martha Moments Facebook group. This year, so many of you shared your amazing baking creations - straight from the Martha Stewart recipe archives! From meringue mushrooms to Yule stump cakes (and the classic Birch de Noel!) right up to the gorgeous Eggnog Semifreddo Genoise Cake in this year's December issue of Martha Stewart Living, you rolled up your sleeves and dove right in! Below are some of the photos you shared. Happy Holidays, everyone!
Bernie Wong's "Birch de Noel" looks like it came straight from the pages of Martha's magazine!
Bernie makes Martha's meringue mushrooms every Christmas.
Jeremy Lambertson prepared some of Martha's meringue mushrooms too!
And used them to great effect on his Birch de Noel!
Angela Lande-Pachal made Martha's Yule Stump cake for Christmas dinner dessert this year.
Anthony Picozzi's Yule Stump Cake is magazine-shoot ready! Amazing!
Anthony also made a glorious gingerbread mansion this year! His talent just astounds me.
Martha's Eggnog Semifreddo Genoise Cake from the current edition of Martha Stewart Living is a challenging recipe to tackle, but at least two Martha Moments readers gave it a shot - and the results are gorgeous! Steven Haschke and Steve Jones followed the recipe exactly (left) while Jo Axelrod Martin substituted the eggnog mousse for chocolate mousse and used a buttercream frosting instead of the meringue frosting. Both look delicious!
David Pantoja's cookies are works of art. He uses his own sugar-cookie recipe but many of the icing techniques he uses he learned from Martha. Visit his blog for more amazing photos of his creations!


Anonymous said...

I really think you should hire Anthony! You know him from your trip to Newport. And you certainly are aware of how he admires you and his talents....Do it, Martha!!!!

Kenn said...

The creations this year were outstanding!

Anonymous said...

Well we did not see any of Ms Stewart's farm this year, but any chance we might induce Anthony to send some photos of his Holiday Home? As I recall in the past it is very impressive.