Martha is Working on a New TV Show!

According to the New York Post, Martha is working on a new television series based on her American Made initiative. The program will be one hour long and will show Martha working with American entrepreneurs to help them improve and grow their businesses. There has so far been no official announcement from Martha's team about the show.
Martha will be working with Amazon Prime to bring the series to air, however an executive producer has not been chosen and it is unclear how many episodes will be produced. According to the source quoted in the Post, the series will begin shooting in August with a planned debut for the end of the fourth quarter of the fiscal year.  The aim of the series will be to promote American entrepreneurs and to help sell their goods at Amazon.com through Martha's "American Made Market." Sounds like a great show!


Rowaida said...

Good morning Andrew, that sounds great, would love to see Martha on a tv show again. Good luck to her and her team.
Loving her live chats show on Facebook
Best wishes xo

Chris said...

While I think it would be great to have Martha back on TV, I question how many are going to be interested in entrepreneurship. That seems like a pretty specific audience that has to be captured. However, I do wish her well in this endeavor.