The June Issue

It is just May 1, but several readers of this blog received the June issue of Martha Stewart Living in their mailboxes over the weekend and excitedly shared the cover! June has been the annual "Food Issue" for a few years now, devoted to summer cooking and entertaining. I like the cover image. It is thoughtfully styled, something I know some of us have been missing on the covers of issues past. I'm excited about these "make and take" dishes on the cover. They'd make for some very envy-inducing work lunches! Also in the issue are guides to dressing up your outdoor space for summer and a ranch-house makeover - plus some cool gift ideas for Father's Day! Watch for it on newsstands very soon!


Anonymous said...

Well.....I guess it is reasonable to have a "food issue" with food on the cover! All kidding aside, it is a well styled/designed cover!

John said...

Surprise another boring food cover! Is anyone else having an issue on Martha's blog where a kitchen pop up ad renders it impossible to advance to any new pictures?

On a positive note, I caught a tidbit in Martha's latest FB video where she mentioned Kevin and herself were collaborating on a book that will include a lot of content on gardening and flower arranging. That is something to get excited about! The FB chats have been the best thing Martha has done in a long time, if you ask me. Just please, leave the kids out of it next time. And I could honestly do without the questions Martha answers during the chats. They really don't contribute much.


I agree about the kids, John. They were more of a distraction than anything.