Martha's New Outdoor Furniture Collections

I've always had a special place in my heart for Martha's outdoor furniture lines. Ever since my parents bought one of her patio sets from the Martha Stewart Everyday line many years ago, I've been a fan of Martha's unique take on outdoor furniture design. What I like about it is that it is different from just about everything else on the market, employing design elements that are inspired by Martha's own personal collections of outdoor furniture. Martha has a new series of four new collections at Home Decorators, a subsidiary of The Home Depot: Lake Adela, Blue Hill, Deer Isle and Calderwood. You can view all the details of the collections here, but I've compiled some examples below:
The Lake Adela collection is made with Cashmere Wicker, a manufactured material that is weather-resistant, durable and comfortable. It is the most extensive patio line with numerous dining and seating options available, including lounge chairs, benches and even a curved sectional sofa!
INSPIRATION: The collection is based on outdoor furniture that Martha uses at Skylands, her home in Maine.
The Deer Isle Dining Set, made of distressed eucalyptus wood, is perhaps my favourite. I love the graphic modernity of the set and the very linear structure.

This bench from the collection is featured in one of the stories in the June issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine.
INSPIRATION: Martha based the dining set on her own outdoor dining set at Skylands, shown above.
The Blue Hill collection is another favourite. It is made of eucalyptus wood treated in distressed grey to look weathered and has beautiful design features. The tabletop features diagonal slats pointing toward the center, while the chairs boast intriguing fretwork backs and slatted seats.
 This bench would be a nice addition to a front stoop or porch.
INSPIRATION: Once again, Martha based this collection on one from her private collection, shown here on the patio next to the Winter House in Bedford.
The Calderwood Collection is ideal for small outdoor spaces: a small patio or an apartment balcony. Made of treated eucalyptus wood, the table and the chairs can be folded down completely for easy storage.


Chris said...

All these furniture collections look really nice but - comfortable? - not so much.
Hopefully a bunch of cushions will do the trick.

Rowaida said...

I love marha outdoor collection. I really wish we can have it here. I love the first set with blue color. The second photo is in my inspiration book, I love everything about it, the lighting and setting, a beautiful entertaining scene.
Wish you a wonderful weekend Andrew x

Anonymous said...

Wish the collection was available here in Canada.

David said...

I love the Blue Hill collection, the inspiration picture is especially beautiful. Thanks for sharing Andrew!

Hannah said...

wow very nice outdoor furniture. Big thanks to you for sharing such great information.

Unknown said...

Love the Living Deer Isle outdoor dining bench featured in a recent Martha Stewart Mag. Says can be found a home decorators.com. That is not the case. I can't find it for sale anywhere. Please help