Martha Moments on Instagram!

I finally decided to bring Martha Moments to Instagram! You can follow along for updates and inspiration @martha_moments. The blog will now be used primarily as an archive of happenings in Martha's world - as a way to document, for posterity, the small and more momentous occasions that bring fans of the Martha Stewart brand so much excitement. Social media is a more immediate way to share news and ideas. In addition to Instagram, you can also find Martha Moments on Facebook! Be sure to follow along!


Anonymous said...

I truly hope "Martha Moments" will continue , as it has been always interesting and a way to exchanges ideas/ comments about the Martha Stewart brand.

Anonymous said...

One photo you will not be publishing on Instagram will be the set used on Ms Stewart's recent flower arranging Facebook Chat. Tthe set was at her Manhattan office, and the kitchen background used obviously had no attempt made to style it ( only had the two lower shelves lined with some non specific dinner ware). Will some find my comment " picky" ......maybe so, but The MS brand is about style** and as such all aspects should be attended to !

**covering food, it's presentation ,home design etc


The blog will certainly continue, APM - especially for the more in-depth coverage of the Martha brand.

Rowaida said...

Welcome Martha Moments on Instagram, was awaiting for you ❤️
Best wishes xo