New 25th Anniversary Special Issue!

Martha Stewart Living readers should check newsstands for a new special issue! The magazine is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a new special edition that highlights some of the best and most memorable moments in the magazine's history. It is sure to become a collector's item! I can't wait to get my copy!


Chris said...

These are some very nice covers that they decided to use for this special issue. They're much more typical of past ones - better than some more recent ones. I'll look forward to getting this issue.

Anonymous said...

"Kind off " of subject and defiantly off season, but I believe this is Ms Stewart's first Holiday special (1989) and worth a look https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtI3sF1OfcY
To me Martha has, over the years, has become much more comfortable and natural with her audience.

Anonymous said...

Another off topic, but seasonal!
Take a look at todays "Matha Blog" (Easter Preparations at the Farm)...it has some very nice Easter photos.

Rowaida said...

HI Andrew,
Do you know if I can purchase a digital issue copy

Anonymous said...

Nice idea. I picked it up but for 10 bucks the content is kind of light. If the print content had been more on par with the photo content I would have liked that. It will be the last time I spend that kind of money on a special edition. You pay the same price now for a year's worth of the magazine.

Sherri said...

Just picked up a copy. It's good but I think they missed a real opportunity to shine a spotlight on the earlier, more rare content. Not sure that rehashing content from the recent past is going to win over many readers. But opening the vault to share the earlier stuff and underscoring where it all began may have created a more collectible edition enjoyable to both longtime and new customers.
Thanks Andrew!