Getting Organized with Martha's Help

My friend Kenn in Michigan who encouraged me to start this blog nearly ten years ago, is someone I consistently rely on for information about the Martha Stewart brand. He literally has every piece of paper Martha Stewart has ever published: every single issue of Martha Stewart Living, every single Martha by Mail catalog, every single Kids issue, Baby issue, Blueprint issue, Everyday Food issue. He also has a vast array of media kits and collectible materials. This begs the question: where does he keep it all? Well, he keeps his collections in a room in his home that he refers to as his project room. All of his Martha magazines are stored here. It made perfect sense, then, for him to stock up on the new Martha Stewart Office supplies from Staples to help him organize his collection.
On the top shelf Kenn keeps all 25 years of Martha Stewart Living magazine in the new magazine holders from the Office collection at Staples. 

In the blue boxes on the shelf below (also from the Office line) Kenn keeps supplies for card making, gift tags, labels, home decorating supplies (tear sheets, counter samples, fabric swatches, etc.) paint chips, Martha Stewart Living international issues, Blueprint, Good Things, discbound notebook supplies, general office supplies, GoPro Camera supplies, design and inspiration tear sheets, special issues of Martha Stewart Living and notebooks.

In the tan fabric bins (from the Martha Stewart Living line at the Home Depot) Kenn keeps flameless candles, paint supplies, sewing supplies, cards and stationery. 

Out of view there are also boxes for audio/visual cable storage, places to store food packaging that Kenn finds inspiring, assorted papers, craft supplies, small tools and more! It is an entire wall of cubbies and boxes by Martha Stewart. 

I love that Kenn keeps his collections together and has a designated spot for everything.


Kenn said...

Thanks for the post, Andrew! I hope others will be inspired to do some organizing. It is nice to keep everything tucked away. The boxes in particular are very helpful. I hope everyone will check out the new "Office by Martha Stewart" at their local Staples store, or visit on line, staples.com/marthastewart.

Anonymous said...

And I believed I was a big fan.....not compaired to Kenn!

Off topic....
Today's Martha Blog had a web connection to a MSL TV segment of one of her (many) enjoyable "field Trips" . I have wanted to see some of the numerous Christmas field trips, but I have been unable to navigate the system to search properly.......am I missing a search function?

Chris said...

And I thought I was major organized! This really does look so nice and I can't begin to tell you how much easier life is when it's orderly. When we bought this house my husband took out the hanging pole in my sewing room closet and installed all shelves.
He marked the wall studs before painting so he could hang the brackets into the 2x4's.
This makes it so that I don't have to consider it a problem if something is a bit heavy on any particular shelf. I love being able to find what I need instantly. I've told people that if they stand still too long in our house, I'll put a label on them!
Less mess equals less stress...and nobody needs stress, right?

Unknown said...

Hello, would you be willing to share Kenn's contact information? I am a student at Boston University working as a research assistant on a paper about Martha. We are looking for all the old issues of MSL so we can reference the Martha-penned content (Martha's Calendar, Ask Martha, A Letter from Martha, and Remembering). It would be so great if I could talk to Kenn! Thanks!


Hi Allison, email me at Andrew_s_ritchie@hotmail.com and I will forward your email to Kenn. Thanks!