Office by Martha Stewart

I know many of you were sad to see the Martha Stewart Home Office line at Staples disappear from its shelves in 2014, but the good news is that a very similar line is back, available exclusively at Staples! It is called simply Office by Martha Stewart and is available for perusal and purchase online in the United States at the staples.com website. The line will be hitting Staples store shelves in March.
The new line offers several categories of home-office supplies:
  • desktop organization
  • discbound planners and calendars
  • notebooks, folders and binders
  • boards and decals
  • dry-erase and chalk markers
I'm hoping that there will be additional categories, such as labels, tags and stickers, perhaps envelopes and stationery. That was always a nice feature of the former line, which was produced by Avery. I am not yet sure if the line will be available in Canada. I did speak to a representative for Staples Canada about it and they were not sure whether the line would be available in stores north of the border. We will wait and see!


Jamie said...

Just my two cents...but the logo is awful. The f's are too close to one another and there's no dot above the i. Also, I wish she would partner with The Container Store as the Martha brand in the organization category is way bigger than office supplies.

Chris said...

I totally agree that a partnership with the Container Store would be great. Everybody uses home organizational items but not everyone needs office things. Besides, one of the great things about this is that so many of the products are interchangeable. I often use things designated office for my crafts, pantry, or closet organizing. I've found that having a place for everything and having it labeled makes it really easy to keep things picked up.

Anonymous said...

All of this is nice. But I realize, most of the Martha branded product today pales in comparison to what she had before. The Macy's, Petsmart, HomeDepot, Staples, etc., stuff is no match for what she had with the winning combination of Martha By Mail for specialty items plus Martha Stewart Everyday at Kmart for everyday items.


Jamie, I actually really like the font and logo design. It feels fresh to me.

Anonymous said...

We will be hearing about the home outfitters launch pretty soon too. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Re the logo......yes it is "fresh" , but I do miss the Martha Stewart color and circler "standard' logo ( which is very identifiable).

Rowaida said...

Beautiful product, love. I really wish we can have her products in London and the Middle East

Andrea said...

Will there be a plan to expand the line into Canada? I loved the older versions, and would love to have the new stuff here as well.