Martha's American Made Moves to Amazon

Martha Stewart's American Made market has left eBay and is now available at Amazon.com, which is really great news for consumers and for the artisans. With competitive shipping costs and easy payment options, Amazon is the perfect retailer to showcase and sell these carefully-selected, American-made products.

Last month, Amazon set up its "Handmade" shop, an arts-and-crafts marketplace where artisans can sell their wares. The new site has positioned Amazon as a formidable competitor to Etsy, which has grown exponentially over the last five years. (The company logged almost $2 billion in gross merchandise sales in 2014, and went public this year.)
American Made, an initiative begun by Martha and her company in 2012 to help foster American entrepreneurs and their homegrown businesses, has been a boon to crafters, growers, bakers, sewers, woodworkers and designers eager to expand their reach. In an interview with The New York Times, Martha said that Amazon was the ideal place to showcase these talented businesses.

“It’s a much bigger audience,” she said. “It’s the powerhouse retailer online in the United States.” She added: “It’s a step in the right direction, I think, to showcase the vast number of entrepreneurial small companies emerging in the United States. And some of these companies might become the giants of tomorrow.”

Click here to visit the Martha Stewart American Made store at Amazon. 


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Sorry Andrew, wasn't sure how else to share something you may wish to post...
Martha is cover story at spash.suntimes.com/2015/11/19/martha-stewart ...great pics, too


Thank you for letting me know! I'll post about it tomorrow!